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Park Ridge Hardwood, Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Pros

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Choosing the right kind of flooring can make a huge difference for your home. It is easily one of the most important installations you can make and so, is worth getting the most out of. You can achieve incredible aesthetics for the space, helping to create a much more detailed touch. All it takes is finding the best quality materials available to you and trusting them to your leading team of flooring contractors.

So, if you live in or around the city of Park Ridge, IL, and demand no less than best for your new floors, you really ought to be coming to us. At Park Ridge Flooring Pros, we can provide you with an eclectic range of bespoke flooring styles, each of which can be tailored to your wishes.

About Us 

For many years now, we have been delivering the people of our community the highest caliber of flooring solutions. Setting the standards when it comes to quality, we never waiver when it comes to precision and craftsmanship. We genuinely believe that your floors can overhaul the appearance of your home and that is just what we want to help our customers do. So, when you come to us for help, we can promise to give you a dedicated, expert, and customized service every single time.

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Our Services

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At Park Ridge Flooring Pros, our list of services covers anything at all, in the way of flooring. We can offer a broad selection of different materials and install any type that suits your tastes. But just as much so, we can be there to help you maintain, repair, and refinish your floors, to help you reap the maximum benefit from them over the long term. There is nothing that we cannot do for you and so, all you need to do is give us a call about your needs and we can take care of the rest.

Vinyl Flooring
Laminate Flooring
Hardwood Flooring Install

Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl flooring is one of the most reliable and functional kinds of flooring on the market, today. Easily customized and very affordable, vinyl floors make a good addition to any home. And, with a wide array of different designs or aesthetics, it is easy to find something for every room in your house. You can pick from our great vinyl plank floors or any other one of our great vinyl pattern floors until you are completely satisfied with your product. Just let us know where your preferences lie, and we would be glad to source the ideal thing.


Laminate Flooring 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little stronger and longer lasting than vinyl planks, perhaps our laminate flooring would be the perfect thing for you. The best way to take advantage of the great looks of natural wood, without the high prices, laminate floors are always a wise improvement to make. At Park Ridge Flooring Pros, we have various gorgeous styles available, each boasting quality aesthetics and great durability. So, if you think a new laminate floor would be the perfect thing for you, you should give us a call.


Hardwood Flooring Install 

There is no doubt that hardwood floors are some of the most luxurious available. There is no better flooring installation you could make to your home and we know that best. That is why we are proud to say that we can offer our customers our premium hardwood flooring installation solutions. With us, you can find any kind of wood floor installation that you want and know it is going to be top-notch. We never settle for any less than the best because we know quality matters. So, if you feel certain that a new hardwood install is right for you, speak to us about it today.

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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing
Repairs & Flooring Trim
Wood Stairs

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing 

On the other hand, if you already have a wood flooring fitted, you might be wanting to find a way to rejuvenate it for the years ahead. Over time, natural wood wears and you need to be protecting it. That is why periodic hardwood floor refinishing is necessary. You want to be sealing and strengthening your floors while renewing their aesthetics if you are to get the most from them. And, for that, you can rest assured that we will be there to offer all the help you need.


Repairs & Flooring Trim

For us, it is the little details that count. Any minor discrepancies could be enough to ruin the appearance of a hardwood floor and we just do not feel that that is good enough. So, if you are looking at yours thinking that they could use some improvements, perhaps it is time to give us a call about our hardwood floor repair and flooring trim solutions.


Wood Stairs 

At Park Ridge Flooring Pros, we are known for our superior quality. When it comes to hardwood, we are the best around and know what it takes to get the most from it. For this reason, we have been able to produce some incredible installations for our clients. And some of our finest have come in the form of our hardwood stairs. If you have solid wood floors, there is no better way to carry the great aesthetics upstairs than choosing wood. So, if you are someone who has a taste for quality, we know that you will love our wood stair solutions.

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Contact Us Today

So, if you have been reading through any of our services and feel as if one of them might be useful to you, give us a call and let us know. At Park Ridge Flooring Pros, we are always ready and waiting to help another customer and so, we would be glad to get to serve you, today.

“Park Ridge Flooring Pros did an amazing job on my new solid cedar floors! I am so impressed with the quality of the aesthetics and their craftsmanship is obvious from the luxe finish.” – Sarah H

“Great prices and great products. Park Ridge Flooring Pros is a very sound choice for home flooring in Park Ridge area.” – Finlay T

“Thanks to the help of Park Ridge Flooring Pros, I could completely restore my old oak floors without going over my budget. They gave me such a low price for the job and made sure that the quality was top-notch.” – Emmanuel A